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Posted 02/19/21

The National Weather Service (NWS) Northern Indiana Office (IWX) is conducting 2021 Skywarn Spotter Training for the Spring Season in March and April.  The online training is free and is limited to 150 people per session.  Individual registration is requested and after registration you will be provided a confirmation via email with the webinar link.  The training is not county specific.  Training is open to anyone and you do not need to be a licensed amateur, but it is recommend that participants be at least age 14.  Click here for more information, session schedule and registration links.  All sessions are identical so you only need to attend one.


The next Zoom net will be Thursday, April 15, at 7:00pm.  If you've never used Zoom before, it is an online videoconferencing app that runs on your computer, tablet or smart phone.  We will send out a link a few days before the net.  If you do not receive the link and want to participate, simply email requesting the link and we’ll send it to you.  We'll try to run it like a regular net.  Update your Zoom name to your first name and call sign.  We only have 40 minutes so hopefully we'll be able to get through everyone, maybe even two rounds.  Everyone don't need to have an amateur radio license.   Hope to see lots of people Zoomed in!


Posted 02/01/21

The Board has decided to sponsor the Monday Night Net Exceptional Participation Award for 2021.  Three points are awarded to the net control station, two points for participating in both rounds and one point for participating in less than both rounds.  Club members get 20 bonus points, pro-rated for new members.  The certificate will be awarded to any amateur that attains at least 75 points during the year.  The purpose of the award is to encourage participation in the net, both as check-ins and as net control station.  Rules and results are posted in the Net Participation section of the Calendar page on the club website.  The net currently is held every Monday at 7pm on 147.06 MHz simplex.  Participating regularly in a directed net helps you keep your operating skills sharp.


Posted 01/12/21

Dayton Hamvention will not take place for the second year.  “Unfortunately, several setbacks in the recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic make necessary the difficult decision to cancel Hamvention 2021,” a January 11 announcement from the Hamvention Executive Committee said.  Sponsored by the Dayton Amateur Radio Association (DARA), Hamvention was set to take place May 21-23 in Xenia, Ohio.  The committee said the show would return in 2022 and hinted at a QSO party for Hamvention weekend.  (ARRL story)


Posted 01/09/21

There is a new ham (back) in the county.  Craig Moore KD8TKR recently updated his FCC ULS address to Jonesville from Jackson.  Please welcome him when you hear him on the air.


Congratulations to Patrick Bernklau KE8PPT of Jonesville for passing the element 3 test and being granted General privileges on January 7.


Posted 01/01/21

The FCC has agreed with ARRL and others that its proposed $50 fee for certain amateur radio applications was “too high to account for the minimal staff involvement in these applications.”  In a Report and Order released on December 29, the FCC scaled back to $35 the fee for a new license application, a special temporary authority (STA) request, a rule waiver request, a license renewal application, and a vanity call sign application.  All fees are per application.  There will be no fee for administrative updates, such as a change of mailing or email address.  The effective date of the fee schedule has not been established, but it will be announced at least 30 days in advance.  (ARRL story)  The FCC originally proposed in August to impose a $50 fee.  (ARRL story)


Effective on June 29, amateur radio licensees and candidates must provide the FCC with an email address on all applications.  If no email address is included, the FCC may dismiss the application as “defective.”  Licensees can log into the ULS License Manager System with their FRN and password at any time and update anything in their FCC license record, including adding an email address.  The FCC is fully transitioning to electronic correspondence and will no longer print or provide wireless licensees with hard-copy authorizations or registrations by mail.  (ARRL story)  The FCC has also added a reminder message on the Universal Licensing Service (ULS) landing page.  (ARRL story)


Posted 12/12/20

There is a new ham in the county.  Joey Craig KG5SUW recently updated his FCC ULS address to Reading from Coldwater.  Please welcome him when you hear him on the air.


Posted 04/24/20

No further ham breakfast sessions have been scheduled at this time.


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