Field Day 2004


Field Day activities wrapped up June 27th at the Fairgrounds.  Over 300 contacts were made covering almost every state and province.  Visitors came from as far away as Florida an Kansas to watch the proceedings.


Field Day 2004 will be held on June 26th and 27th, beginning at 1800 UTC (2 PM local) Saturday and ending at 1800 UTC (2 PM local) Sunday.  Mark your calendar.


Schedule Of Events

Day Time Event
Saturday 8:00 AM Breakfast at Sigman's (map)
Saturday 10:00 AM Set up
Saturday 2:00 PM Commence radio operations
Sunday 2:00 PM Tear down


Field Day activities will be held at the Agricultural Education Exhibit (aka Log Cabin) at the Hillsdale County Fairgrounds, 115 S Broad Street in Hillsdale (map to fairgrounds)


The 'Log Cabin'

2003-05-04-P002.JPG (68009 bytes)

(map of fairgrounds, Agricultural Education Exhibit is #13)


The Field Day committee is comprised of Milt Bowers, Peter Cromwell, Jeff King, Roy McCloud, Mike Murray and Dan Sprow.


Notes from the March 30th, 2004 planning session.  Word  RTF


Notes from the May 25th, 2004 planning session.  Word  RTF


Field Day Flier.  Word


Field Day T-shirts and pins are available through the ARRL website.



ARRL Field Day Package


ARRL Field Day 2004 Rules



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